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What is Shiatsu?

"Shiatsu" is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure.

It is an acupressure massage technique based on the meridian system, the element theory and the transformational phases of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Shiatsu is a bodywork in which the body, mind and emotions are considered to be irrevocably linked and therefore has a holistic view of the human being.

What effect does Shiatsu have?

The goal in Shiatsu is to bring the energy flow of the body (Ki) back into balance or to keep it in balance.

So I work symptom-oriented and also preventive.

Shiatsu is a full body treatment on the clothed body. Clear deep touches and gentle manipulations of the joints, as well as stretching of the body characterize a treatment. Before the first treatment, we conduct an anamnesis interview, so that I understand your concerns exactly and learn what is important for you.

How do you feel after a shiatsu treatment?

Through the deep touch you will experience deep relaxation and well-being. By activating your cellular tissue, your immune system is activated and your autonomic nervous system is brought into balance.

You feel good!

To the point!

  • the stress hormone cortisol is reduced

  • relieves pain in the muscles and releases tension in the body

  • relieves back and neck pain

  • relieves migraine and headaches

  • increases the quality of life through physical well-being

  • preventive or adjuvant to burn-out symptoms

  • alleviates insomnia

  • supports digestive problems and menstrual pain

  • has a strengthening and nervous system-activating effect on depression and depressive moods

  • has a strengthening effect as a companion in difficult life situations and in states of anxiety

How regular shiatsu treatments can support you:


60 Minutes  $60                         

90 Minutes  $75